Goji Berry Mask Review

On the synergy of the Earth and the sea. The essence of our approach to the care of the skin ecocentric embodies this award winning more mask. Your green and goji berry mask review white to work together to restore, to compensate, to cleanse and detoxify. four remineralization of sea vegetables, hydrate and oxygen; Sugar cane is a remove peeling pores and the skin's natural support elastin and collagen production; Extract and acai berry Goji Berry as his extraordinary superpowers as antioxidants, such as the revitalization of the food super. Seeds of the jojoba and sunflower oils, nourish and moisturize. They included three teas sheet complete and summary of forms, to ensure maximum antioxidant and tonic, stimulating effect; and a harmonious blend of extremely concentrated care extracts of herbs and essential oils for the skin and senses. Certifications,.